And this will also get sorted soon!!

It is about 2016, there were some problems of my family but after some time, everything went well. Everything was going well, but then our main festival came, Mahavir Jayanti, on this day, our lord Mahavir was born and we celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. My mother went to the Mahavir Jayanti’s function with my Bhua (Dad’s sister), at that time, no one was at home. After some time, my mother felt a headache, afterward she left the function and went home along with Bhua. She took medicines and took some rest. During that time, she was suffering from thyroid in which feeling uneasy and headache were normal. After an hour, her condition was getting worse than before, so she called dad to come home. Dad came, and he saw that Mumma has chunders (done vomit) on bed. As my Dad is a doctor, he checked Mumma and attach a drip bottle to her, and after that Mumma become well.

My sister came from the school and was doing her work, then I came from school and I call out Mumma, my sister calmed me and told me that Mumma is not well, she is resting in her room, then I went to Mumma’s room to see her. When I came down, my sister asked me to take some water for Mumma, I got angry at that time, as I was tired because I just came from the school. But then I took some water for Mumma, then when I was getting ready for coaching classes, my grand Pa and all the family members came home. And then they said, they are taking Mumma to the hospital.

Then I came from coaching classes and then I went to my cousin’s house. Christmas was near, and there was fun fest in our school and we all were doing dance practice at his house. Then exactly at 7:30 pm, my cousin brother came to take me home, I went home and saw my Mumma is no more.

It was sudden and shocking for all of us. I was only 15, my elder sister was 17 and my younger sister was only 3. We all suffered this trauma for 4 months and after that Dad, sister and along with me, decided to get out of this. We overcame from the trauma, gradually day by day, Dad also started giving time to us.

After one-year, Grand Ma and Grand Pa decided that Dad should get married again, because my younger sister was suffering too much. Then, Dad got married in 2018 and everything was going good along with my step mom in the first 5-6 months, as we know step mom is a step mom, only few of them can treat their step children right. She has two daughters; she never treats us the same as her own childern. Then again, family problems, fights started, I was in another town at that time for my further studies, no one told me about the problems. Then, one day, Grand Ma told me that family was having major issues, Dad was at her (step mom) side. The main issue was that some gold along with precious things was stolen. He thinks that Grand Ma and Pa were wrong. So, he with step mom got separated.

One day, my step mom went to Kota, and my Dad called her, she told him that, she was in gold market. From this, dad got some doubt on her. And after some time, we were dealing in menswear, and all the cloths related to work were in house ‘hall. And he realised that cloths were reducing day by day, then he came to know that, all the cloths are being sent to my step mom’s brother. On the same topic, Dad fought with my step mom, and he denied to live with her, but because of society, he didn’t do anything. Then he went to my step mom, to discuss this all. After that things getting better. But now, my Dad and Grand Pa don’t talk with each other.

Because of all this I am suffering, my sisters are suffering, we all are suffering, but I hope this will also get sorted soon.

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