Being kind is cool

Let me begin this very content by relating life with reality cause this is the need of the hour! where we all need to understand each other in order to make this life a bit more sustainable. But was exactly my eyes can see is too different from the way it should be. Today people are so much into their own standards of judging people according to the way they speak, they dress or they address that doesn’t even realize that their judgemental ideology may leave a remarkable impression of disguise in someone’s else life. This very nature of judging is not something that started today or since yesterday, it’s since time immemorial that people being judged and disguised and ultimately made fun of! which is making a less fruitful quality of people that can be admired or being idolized as what makes us a human is ‘ humanity’ and what is the core of ‘humanity’ is ‘being kind’.To make it into better form to understand the basic need of realizing that how important is for us to realize that people belonging to any kind or zone understand and appreciate the language of love and it simply makes the life of not me, not yours but each and every one of us more beautiful and a better place to live and love in. In this very rapid growth of improving lifestyle, do not or basically dare not forget the basic virtues and values, we all belong from and will belong to till time immortal! and that is to live and let live each other with love, understanding, caring, and respect which we all die for.

So here to conclude, I will briefly summarise it that “stop being respective or disrespected towards any kind at least be loyal to God and then you will surely realize that what’s wrong is always wrong and nowhere being cool cause being kind is always in trend”.
Thanks to my readers. I hope my words were healing…


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