I may very well turn into wind while driving. My two wheel vehicle may go on 20 meters ahead and then fall. Falls, why? There’s no one to accelerate. Acceleration stops. Acceleration dies. Engine abandons its work without it’s master’s command. Tires turn lifeless. Kinetic energy turns grey and friction gets killed. Vehicle thumps itself hard on the ground, could be either side. Did you hear earth’s cry?. No. Why? because Its just a big dumb piece of shitty matter held together covered up by this grey-hard-sick concrete…. Well, what about me? Where did I go? Wind turned me into air. I cried a big laugh getting fragmented and cut into pieces. No one can see myself, even I cannot see myself. I did ride with the flow, it took me everywhere. Later, it pushed me into the filter of another vehicle. I was trapped inside, I didn’t have any friends. I was burned in there, I was burned because someone didn’t want to walk. It threw me out into the air again but this time I was black. Everyone saw me now but couldn’t recognize me, I don’t blame them.

Now I rode with the flow again. I had a human contact, I went inside a nose involuntarily. I got trapped again, trapped in the hair. It turned me green now, people called me mucus. I stayed there. Air pushed me, simultaneously from below and then from above; constantly. I saw something approaching towards me. It was flesh, equipped with a frightening pointy hard thing called a nail. It stabbed my middle; stood stuck in me; pulled me in a quick motion and I was out in open air again. These big eyes were held on me. Then with just a quick flick with help of a thumb, threw me like a missile towards the wall. I was flying towards the wall, I couldn’t stop myself, couldn’t change my direction. Bang Bang! I hit the wall. No one felt any pain. Surprisingly, I was stuck at the wall. I didn’t know until then that I was covered with sticky gluey liquid. I feared that my eyes will be facing the white wall when I hit it because it would mean that I would have to see the wall for Ad Infinitum, stuck in this eternal damnation. Fortunately, I had my eyes on the other side. I could make out that I was in a washroom of some home. The only thing that had some excitement for me was that I could now see and observe some humans.

Time made it worse for me, I couldn’t enjoy it anymore. People saw me on the wall now and then with disgust. They wanted me to be removed but the very thought of touching someone’s mucus disgusted them. I too wanted to be removed. I longed for the festival of Diwali because I hoped I would be removed then along with the cleaning of the whole house. But I neither knew time nor date, I couldn’t judge it. I could have been there for a few hours or a few months, didn’t know. Let alone enjoying it, I couldn’t bear to see it now. I started loathing humans, humans got disgusting for me. Now, I didn’t wish to turn human again. I saw how unworthy undeserving creatures they are; How self-involved, anxiety-ridden, and bored they are. I started hating me because I was a human once. I developed a disgust for people I knew. I found my friends disgusting. I found my family disgusting. I found them guilty of the crime of being born as a human. I hoped for their extinction. I tried to imagine, how will this world really come to an end? Maybe through Evolution. Humans aren’t all-developed, all-evolved creatures. More evolution is due. Even evolution is evolving, we won’t develop any more limbs or some wings now. Humans will evolve into creatures that transcend matter; creatures of pure thought; creatures that are beyond our comprehension; creatures with the universal consciousness, something like ghosts or souls.
Human may evolve into God itself.

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