Fighting the worst dream turned nightmare

It all started with a dream.
Not long ago, actually quite long ago, I dreamer everyday, of a man who wasn’t quite clear in the appearance, but although he wasn’t, I would always feel anxious and stirred into feeling some kind of aura and scent from that man. I would dream of it every single night and everytime I did, I woke up feeling as if my soul was taken away by that man. I still remember that scent, that aura and the husky voice which was heard everyday even if it were in my dreams. I would always wonger why? Why would someone unknown appear every single day, in every dream the same man calling me over and over again. It was then when I thought of searching for that scent and the voice. I always thought that the man of my dreams, the knight in my shining armour would appear in front of me and take me away to his world where I would be happy forever and after. Isn’t it almost everyone’s dream when you’re actually quite naive and unable to understand the real world where you aren’t out there yet but still have hopes up high for the best to happen to you and your loved ones. I thought so too, and it happed but just like a fling of a playboy, a moment of sleep that’s so deep, and just like every single thing that we wish would last longer but actually doesn’t. Just like that alarm that rings loud and clear in your ears when you’re so indulged into your sleep and sweet dreams, it wakes you up, to the reality, to the world alarming you of every single step, I woke up from that dream.
It was the night befor full moon, when I finally had a hint that this is the man, this is the one and only one who appeared everyday to call me, to make me anxious. I was so excited and nervous at the same time that what if? what if all this is a lie, and then that voice alarmed me suddenly, “do I know you?”, “I think I’ve seen you somewhere but where I don’t exactly remember”. It was as if every single guy who wants to get to you flirted to get your attention , and correct me if I’m wrong. It is such a cliched line I thought. But with the amount of times that dream and that voice appeared I would not have called him a flirt, would I . I thought that maybe this guy had a dream about me too and he knows my existence. I came back to the reality when his voice hit my ears. I said “maybe in your dreams”, I didn’t knew how it sounded back then, as if I’m telling him, “hey you flirt, buzz off”, or “hey I’m giving you some hints, maybe if you follow my lead”, and what not. Evey bit of the nonsence that this world would have, I thought I might have said it all. But he replied to me ” actually u guess you’re right, now that I think of it, you’re the one who came in my dreams a few days ago and I think I saw you. But wait how do you know that”. I was about to say that I also saw you in my dreams and have been searching all over for you like a maniac, but u couldn’t. I eventually replied to him after a few stories how could I deal with such a terrific reply that I’ve been waiting to hear all the time. I told him ” no, you took me wrong, I just guessed”, and then was the one sentence I still laugh at, “you know, there are so many pursuers of me who tried hitting on me so I’m used to the cliches. Anyway don’t tell me I am right here as well”. I laughed inside and told my self, hey there you’re saying persuers like seriously, you’ve been dreaming of the same guy like for ages now and you’ve encountered like zero such lines and you say you’ve been through these type of guys…
But he said ” no no, don’t take me wrong but I’ve really been dreaming about you for a while now and I couldn’t believe it for a moment but then I thought maybe it’s really you after all. The same voice the same scent”. I was dumbfounded, as if he has really looked into my bare mind or what.
After that night our conversations started and got meaningful to the point that he one day asked me out. It was like a dream come true.
I was so excited and got into my best look.
But who knew it would turn into the worst nightmare of my entire life.
I reached the address he sent me and found a dark and smelly ally with few houses like a small cubical. For once I thought that it might have been my fault in checking the address properly but then when I went through it all over, it was still the same. At that moment I thought that maybe this is the end. But the worst was yet to come.
I called, shouted, ran and did what not at that place, but in vain. I then saw a figure in the shadows approaching me slowly, his steps loud and clear. But when the figure got a bit clearer in that dim flickering street light, it was him. That guy who came in my dreams every single day until I met him. I thought he was there to save me. The same clothes, the same hair, the same voice and that scent. But the place, it was totally different from what I thought it would be, afterall it was meant to be our first date and moreover my first ever date in my entire life.
The same way he called me in my dreams, taking out his hands and gesturing me to come to him.
He called, “hey the dream girl, come over, come to me”, it was too dark and scary that I was shivering all over from fear until he came closer. I thought he is there to save me, to help me out of the place, but this was never what I imagined, never.
I got there, closer to him, thinking I could run into his arms and feel safe and we would then get out of there.
It was then until I got over, ran to him and hugged him, I felt a stabbing pain in my stomach, I thought that it might be my time in the month but when I put my hand over my stomach, all I saw was blood, lots of blood oozing out from there and he was standing still, closer to me.
I felt dizzy and eyes loosing it’s clarity to see. Then he said “happy first date dream girl, it was really nice to meet you, until…..I killed you” and I heard loud voices of his laughter. I said in a low voice, barely audible to the ears, ” why did you do that, what sin did I commit to be killed and betrayed by you”. He said “it’s bot your fault dream girl, it’s just I was so sad and so depressed and felt left out after your brother ruined my reputation in school, making me a stupid freaking monster in front of everyone. I lost them all, one….by… and I got so lonely and impatient, that I decided to really become a monster and I finally killed that poor brother of yours. Hahahaha, it felt so good to see him beg me, kneel down to me and saying, oh spare me please, I was just out of control that day, and out of anger I did this. Hahahaha, as if I would, but your poor brother he already snatched so much from me, seperated me with all those I loved, and now see, I’m here to send you to your dearest brother.”
I was in no form to grasp all those bad memories of past and this sudden confession of his but with all my strength left inside me I told him, ” please help me and let me go, I know what my brother did, he was wrong but he wanted to make a change by apologising for all that, he didn’t deserved a death, all those bad memories were in the past, you can still make new friends like you made, me, you could have all the good life you want ahead, you can move on and live a peaceful life, but please spare me, help me and I would not let any of this out, please….”
He was silent for a moment, as if thinking of what I said, but he then replied, “oh really! He said sorry, why did I never heard of that. And what if he said, after making me live my life as a monster he deserved to die. And don’t pretend that you care about me dream girl. I will live, a good life after revenging for all the deeds that your brother did to me, and that will end with you, so good bye my dream girl, don’t forget to see me in your dreams, hahahahaha. Farewell my sweet little dream girl. Forever and after….”
This was the end, that’s what I thought after I fainted.
I felt as if I’m lying on a coffin and it was so suffocating as if I’m being buried alive, I couldn’t breath, but then I heard a voice, a strange voice of a man, he shouted “doctor please hurry and come here, she’s moving but her heart beats are unstable”, I couldn’t see clearly, but it was as if sun was shining bright in my eyes. Then when finally I was back alive, scratched all over my stomach, bandaged almost on every part of my body, didn’t even know what happned after I fainted. It felt as if I was back from the dead world, revived by an angel. And then I thankfully saw the man, the actual knight in the shining armour. He saved me, he risked his life saving me, his forehead was scratched and his hands was bandaged which was also covered half in blood. I tried to get up and speak to him, he helped me up and supported me with the pillows at my back. I asked him “who are you, what happned to that man who tried to kill me.” He said calmly, his voice was so soothing as if a melody sung in my ears. I felt relaxed just as he said ” you just got up now after 3 days being in coma, first you get healthy and I’ll answer all your questions. Just think of me as a guy protecting the one he loves.” That sentence stuck me but then he cleared his throat and said, “forget it, but take care of yourself, and don’t think too much. Bad night went away and now it’s just us and we will spend a good time making good memories after you recover”.
Time went by and the guy who saved me back then is now my beloved husband and we’re living a very good life. I feel like we’re there for each other till we die and we will cross the bad path that will come in our way and we’ll fight it till the end. Till now whenever I ask him about that night, he would keep silent and deflect the question. I did not pay much attention to it afterwards and tried to forget about that incident. And I lived my way towards my life, with fighting back and staying with the one who actually loved me for years and I didn’t knew. Well that’s another long story I would say but the worst dream I lived ended with the best life I would ever live, with my loved ones.
That is how I lived, my happy forever and after.

– ” there is both good and bad surrounding you all over, time passes by and the wounds would heal. But what stays is your true self, the way you fight for right and the people who actually care about you. There may be times that you would be upset even if it might be for a short period, but when you’re with your loved ones, you can overcome any fear, any darkness and make your way to the light, and it would be as refreshing as the first rays that fall on you when the sun rises and glows.”

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