How can life change in one day

We can lose everything in one night. Your whole life can turn upside down. How you respond to it, that counts and makes your journey. You have to challenge yourself and control the way you react to what’s happening so let me tell you a story about my friend who’s full of life and very active and boom in one night.

We have an accident that changes his life. He loses everything in one night, health, family, friends, education. He can’t walk anymore as he did before but thanks to God he still can. He has a hard time feeling depressed looking at all the things that he loves and what he lost now. Now he has no work, no money his friend abandons him and didn’t stay beside him, feeling so lonely and disappointed, he realizes that they are their real friends after all he lost his energy and enthusiasm he wonders if he can be the same again, if he can continue his life the same way he did before. Does his pain have an end ?? It is a nightmare?

Hoping, he wakes up at any moment. His life will change but how will change it depends on him. If you look behind you can’t continue you will only see the things you lost you feel depressed. No one understands you feeling pain all the time, lonely, and negativity surrounds you. You will change, everything will change around you. You can’t do anymore what you love to. But what if u try to turn things and view it from another perspective to see if they look any better focus on your goals find another way to do it there are different doors why keep knocking on the same one if it didn’t open and try another you have watch situation from a new perspective. You can feel your power under the pain they say you can’t fight well. I disagree you will find a superpower. Beneath your pain that makes you fight you will be proud of yourself for what you can accomplish in your worst situation when you have lost hope and everything, remember you are still breathing. So you have to resist now is the time for you to change. You have to accept first that things will change. They are not going to be the same. But you will find ‘you’ and will continue whatever comes .there’s no looking back what is done is done. You will be out of your comfort zone. You have to look forward with hope and confidence to make the best you can I know there will be a lot of struggle, pain, depression, misery. But it all will be gone once you accept the new situation. You will be surprised how much you can take. You will have a superpower to continue, maybe this is for you best. You will see how strong you are and the will that you hold. Maybe you will fit in another job that suits you and make progress, meet new friends, share your pains or have a lot in common and love you for who you are ??

Finding new activities make new hobbies. The truth is we do not know everything maybe. It’s time to let go of things you thought were the best for you. The challenge in life is learning to accept the fact. Nothing is guaranteed.
Remember nothing stays forever everything will pass, every moment is temporary and you can choose to feel better whenever you want. You can control your mind because your attitude is a reflection of your thoughts. So focus on changing the way you think and accept the fact that everything could be changed. You need to be comfortable with the idea that some things will disappear and others will appear you will discover new possibilities then all will fall into places and you will be happier and healthier.


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