Is it that hard to be selfless?

Why are we like this? Why are we so Judgemental? Why do we try to impress others? Why are we so selfish? Why don’t we just listen to others? Is it that hard to be kind? Is it that hard to just sit quietly and listen to other’s worries? Is it that hard to not make someone’s fun when they are trying something new? Is it that hard to be selfless?

If it’s not, then let us bring the change ourselves. Let’s be what we want to be. Let’s achieve what we want to achieve. Without thinking about other’s opinions. Without questioning our self-worth. We don’t need others to compliment us, we don’t need others to be happy. Let’s be happy for no reason. Let’s compliment ourselves for no reason. Let’s be our own wings and let’s be the change ourselves.

Being kind is cool

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