Is this really Depression?

Now a days, every two persons in five think they are in depression, but Is this really depression? Are you really facing depression, or is this just an emotion of sadness?

There is a major difference between feeling depressed and having severe depression. When you’re feeling sad or depressed, it may feel all-encompassing (covering everything or everyone) at times. But you should also have moments when you are able to laugh or be comforted. Depression differs from sadness. The feelings you have will affect all aspects of your life. It may be hard or even impossible to find enjoyment in anything, including activities and people you used to enjoy. Depression is a mental illness, not an emotion.

Depression is like you’re in bed and it feels so heavy to get up, it is a weight that keeps you in bed while sadness is a tangible feeling. Sadness is about life situations that just normal humans, have a way of coming and going. You may feel lonely or worthless sometimes in sadness, and sometimes it is more serious than others, but depression is like, feeling empty and nothing at all. In depression people may stop doing, stop talking, even stop eating for weeks, but in sadness, it is little easy to talk about, what is making us sad, instead of this, depression can be unexplainable and leaves us silent. Depression keeps you stuck, fun can’t fix it, but in sadness sometimes you feel depressed and sometimes you feel good.

Sadness is a very real and difficult emotion to express and process but depression is an over whelming of numbness that requires professional treatment.

Depression has no age, they may be kid, teenager, adult or senior citizen of your family. You, your friend, your younger ones, your older ones, your partner, anyone can face depression.

Here are the main symptoms which occur in depression, but it must lasts more than two weeks or so:

  1. The most important symptom is feeling constantly sad, blue down in the dumps, hopeless or helpless, most of the days, nearly every day of at least two weeks.
  2. You have markedly decreased interest or pleasure and enthusiasm out of your life events that you should enjoy or used to enjoy.

These first two symptoms are most important, if you have these two and having some 4-5 symptoms from the below then, you need a medical treatment.

  • Having trouble with sleep. Not getting restful sleep, no matter how much you sleep.
  • Having a change in appetite ( Appetite is the desire to eat food) which is unusual for you.
  • Decreased ability to think, concentrate, remember, pay attention and focus.
  • Having negative thoughts such as worthless, guilt really for no reason.
  • Decreased energy, feeling inactive, troubled and restless or uneasy.
  • Feeling like, life is just not worth living, having suicidal thoughts.

If you feel like you are in depression or your any friend is in depression, please help them out and take them to a good doctor, because if you ignore this, this will ignore your life.

If someone opens up to you about the depression, don’t say,

“I have been sad, too”


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