It’s good to be isolated!

Not a great deal to discuss what we go through but what’s wrong in putting the point of view of your ideology and precipitation of this world taking time ahead and behind , I know I writer can best define the depth of each emotion.
Cause what we meant, we Wright
Sometimes harsh and rest may be sweet as wine, and me discussing something about this peculiar world, where I appreciate a lot,
kind nature of life-giving lessons daily and me adoring It,
If just not elaborating the whole scenario but coming to the very delicate point of the feel of being isolated, may sound a bit curious as per the need of the hour is demanding to hear the truth behind the fact that why a person can isolate himself or herself from the world.
I have an explanation, may not match with your ideology of facing such a situation.
But I can make sure if the readers may just imagine going through this very article,
It’s very important to have a motivation to have in your life because I don’t want that any person going through may what situation and having a glance over my context should go with a depth of feeling of being isolated or being alone as a negative gesture towards life.
We made hate people around us, somewhere we can even start hating us and trust me! That’s the worst situation a person can go through.
May be expecting the same what is the urge for and not receiving the same, or just to have someone to hear.
Trust me, go for it we all deserve someone to hear, be prior to anybody..
Go to your parents. Make them your friend, the best kind of compassion, love you can adore from and if expecting something more … just make a clone from the family itself.
Cause somewhere it may sound difficult but it’s true that this world has nothing to give back to you.from world…
I hear mean people and from life I mean the very gift of the lord.
Now be more peculiar that the key of your happiness is what you love and will always be with you and will never give an impression of regret that you being willing.
Cause the most difficult task is to overcome yourself being regretful about yourself to trust someone and then realizing that they made no change in your life and again gave you a bad impression of being what you are and deserve the same from everyone.
Felt that no one wants you, nobody wants to listen is not being depressed about, I dare not use this world.
Trust me! There and then God gives you a chance to ponder about yourself and make yourself worth loving… just for you…and forever you..
The best I can conclude with
Nobody can make a change in your life,
It’s you who can shake it… totally by just
Pondering and bringing out an updated version of yourself daily!
Thanks, if my words were healing.

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