Madam Query

All starts with an aura… Of how she walks… To talk… Just her fragrance was enough to make people realize… That’s she is in the room of your best to hold with.
I am insane about her… But still can write about only her fragrance…Madam query…
Exactly! The name she holded…. Not because of the way, she being studious but because of… Her uff and ahh.. Style, since childhood… Which she may not even …realize cause she had enough of her cup of tea with her sugar and a bit of lemon in it..
So here we done with the introduction.
Madam was fame name for…. dancing, chitchat and rumors… .
Unfortunately.. Big troublesome creature was she… But created more for her… After all madam grew young and came to be listed… For not happening events…
Yes! She was rebel, her mind set was totally different and at that age when people were procuring love.. She was in the race to achieve good grades.. It was a tough task for her as she was an average student and then… On the result day she got which she worked hard for , but soon the focus fells and winds scattered the direction of efforts… And then what she wanted didn’t had that fine touch… May or may not be the day of something fortunate or unfortunate. Life has good turns and bad for warriors at last life went into a tunnel but after a harsh time…. Madam was back…
Readers be aware of her she is restless… all can be sad.
*phrase of she*

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