My first time.

Most females feel ashamed, embarrassed, or feel some kind of vulgar thoughts about how they or any other women around them go through their periods, ‘The mensuration cycle ‘  per say. Their experiences, their phases being different during this time, facing problems, cravings, and many others which all of us experience during this time of every month. Each of us, we go through different changes during this period of our lives due to being in different body structures and physique. While some of us go through the most killer pain, some of us experience quite a smooth flow and less pain during this period. During a conversation on our periods, most of us feel uncomfortable to either talk it out or explain our symptoms in public. I feel like sharing this experience of mine with everyone for once.

My First Time. The first time when I got my periods were around when I was in eighth grade in 2013. While almost all of us were taught about the periods and talked about it with our mothers and female teachers, I was unable to ask my mother how the process starts and how do we wear sanitary napkins when we go through that time. Although in my school, we watched the video on periods, we were not taught exactly how everything happens. So when I experienced my first time, I was in my classroom, as usual, getting ready for the next lecture. And then suddenly when I stood up, some behind me started to laugh in whispers, giggling and smirking. I was in an awe of what was so funny in me that made them laugh so secretly. Then I was told by my friend sitting right next to me that I’ve got blood all over my skirt, that I happen to have my periods for the first time. I was not fully but partially unaware of what was happening at that time. A sudden shiver ran all over my body on knowing how my first time has finally arrived. The thing every girl was expecting, experiencing, and talking about. Fortunately in my school, we had a home science lab which provided with the napkins and changing the uniform, I guess almost every school might have one, so why not share my worries with them and find some solution to it. And there it was, my first ever sanitary napkin in my hand, completely unaware of how to use it, just knowing that I have to anyway or I might get into trouble. Rushing to the restroom and changing into one of those was quite adventures and thrilling for me at that point in time. And what will you expect from a girl totally unaware of how to use one. But for me, I was the heroine playing the most adventures part of my life and was slightly successful in playing that part at that time. I finally went through that phase and returned home with pride on my face and happiness of my success fighting my first periods. It was a story I shared with my mother and told her; ” see maa you didn’t teach me how to use one then too I tied it very well, aren’t you proud of me” and she laughed it out, oh I was about to teach you but was not expecting that it would arrive so soon to you. So quite thrilling and slightly successful, went my first periods. Although I did not suffer much symptoms of the periods but after that when I learned everything about it, I was ready enough to go through them once again, experiencing them yet again. I know not everyone had similar kind of period experience but whatever it was, and until now whatever this is, it is not something to be ashamed of but it is something we have to be strong about. Some people around me experience the most painful and longer periods, while for some it’s just the most tini tiny change that comes and goes just like the wind.

For the young girls going through their first time, I just want to say, Be strong enough to face it instead of being ashamed of it. People around you might want to laugh it out and make fun of you, but inside you have to know that it is the most important change I am going through and whatever the situation is I’m ready to face it with all my will.

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