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Nobody could understand me!

From the days hovering with the childhood, i was a very quarrelsome and used to fight alot and never tried to get something happen when someone put off me by just calling a child and i was really stuck to my work from the early life. Once i theft money from my house just to enjoy like others but i was caught and i realized lately i did it wrong and should not have done like that. With the growth in life i started learning about the life and started looking to several internal and external incidents of society and sometimes they made me traumated and still does. The most henceful thing which i always tried to make it happen is to protect the society mainly girls from harassing and to teach everyone who wants to go ahead, when somebody comes to me with his or her problem i always tried to make it my problem and tried to solve it as early as possible but eventually there is no support behind me for this. As being known that this society is selfish and even i tried to be selfish but could not become and then i got defeated from becoming selfish.
When i came to Indore for preparation of upsc, i came here with motto of teaching cum studying further. And i teach free of cost to the needy ones and who eventually regards to it. But still i do not get support from anybody from my family too.
I am in the habit of doing any work instantly and i just want to make that happen as early as possible so for that i just call and tell to my family members they always tell me that i will do that work lately and then tell me that we are older than you and know life more better. I hereby think that ya i know that they are older but every work has its own importance sometimes i feel that i must own it anyhow by having good contacts so i would never have to go to anyone for demanding something i want. When family says me nothing would happen when you won’t study for 3 or 4 days after coming to home but i am intate to keep my work as easy as i can so eventually deny them to come home and they just hang up the phone.
I am fussed about my work as i told and when somebody wants to take me away from this i keep my ears away and try to do myself by having introduced with every dimension so when i do that family always tells me like we won’t talk to you and you don’t talk to me and hang up the phone. I hopefully think to be in myself and try to find myself in me and keep doing that but when you hereby go through such exponential thoughts i just try to burst my ears at that time. And this makes me called like UNACKNOWLEDGED guy and i find my self guilty there. I am writing this only because i want to tell everyone here who are reading this that if you do something good for the people or needy ones not financially but by your knowledge or a intellectual help ,just do that and let the people get you back but you just do what you find right to make them smile which eventually makes you find at some high stage. This article does not disrespect my family but eventually introduces you with the real happenings which hits our psychological demand.
“It is just a cooperation which finds society with happiness and brotherhood and nothing more can do this”.

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