Seasons of life

The boy Josh of new jersey grew up believing that he will never be happy until the day he met the one, this belief stands from the early exposure of British pop music and total misreading of some movies,
The girl Autumn from Texas did not share this belief since the disintegration of her parents marriage, she only loved two things the first was her long dark hair and the second she could easily cut it off and feel nothing,

Josh met autumn on January 8th he knows almost immediately she is the one he has been searching for,
this is a story of a boy meets a girl but you should know upfront this is not a love story

In the kitchen
*sound of plates breaking*

“Josh wait, come sit with us here and drink this” Hazel said
“Hazel what are you doing here so late,” Josh asked
“what’s that?” Bruce asked
“Vodka” Hazel replied
“what happened josh what’s the matter,” Hazel asked
“she left me …she left me alone” Josh replied

It was the time when Josh was quite depressed because of Autumn, now who’s Autumn
Autumn is the girl who met Josh 2 years ago, Josh and Autumn met in the office, where Autumn joined as an intern, Josh was quite attracted in the first stance when he saw her but he was too afraid to ask her out, on the other hand, bruce was the mate of Josh who asked Josh to ask her out but it never happened.
Few days passed as Josh started seeing her, Autumn tried her best to fit in the office as it was her first job so she was very nervous and anxious about her work, in the meantime the company which Josh and Autumn were working got a contract so their boss tossed up a party.

“Josh, are you coming or not?” Bruce asked
“I am not sure mate” Josh replied
“Autumn will be joining us but it’s still your choice” Bruce exclaimed
“wait I am coming I was just not sure what should I wear,” Josh said
“shut the fuck up bitch, I know you fuck tart, get ready at 9 I will pick you up,” Bruce said
“Okay bud” Josh replied with a smile

They both reached the party Josh was eagerly looking for Autumn but he can’t actually see her
Josh really wanna talk to her and it was quite a chance for him suddenly she appeared near the bar so Josh and Bruce both went to the bar table,

“what would you like to have sir,” the bartender asked
“Autumn …. I mean a hoe garden …ugh a rolling stone please”
The bartender and Bruce looked at each other and giggled, after having a beer Josh felt a little confidence because when alcohol hits in it just fades up all your emotions and gives you a shot of confidence and adrenaline at the same time.
Josh walked next to autumn and asked “hey what’s up”
“Hey Josh I am good, how are you doing?” Autumn replied
“I am doing good thank you”
It was the first time when they both interacted personally, Josh was feeling all the emotions at the same time but he was overwhelmed by the reply of Autumn.

Few hours passed by and the office gathering turned into a karaoke, Josh and Autumn were sitting together and sipping their drink, suddenly when the guy who was singing asked “who wanna sing the next song?” Autumn raised the hand of Josh, he really doesn’t sing but now as autumn raised his hand he gotta sing so Josh grabbed Autumn’s hand and they both went to the stage, they both were too drunk so they both sang a song from their favorite band named Coldplay they were so drunk that they can’t even watch their steps

As the party was over Bruce was way drunker than Josh and Autumn so Josh helped him to get a taxi at this point of time Josh and Autumn both were holding Bruce and Bruce started saying “Autumn, Josh likes you ….he likes you” and Josh felt a little awkward so Josh put Bruce in the backseat of the taxi and slammed the door.
“he always does this whenever we come here” Josh explained
“what was he saying is this true” Autumn exclaimed
“yeah he always does this” Josh resisted
“not Bruce I mean the other thing, do you… me,” Autumn asked
“ummm..yeah, of course, I like you” Josh hesitated
“as friends,” Autumn asked
“yes as friends” Josh replied
“just as friends” Autumn asked
“Yeah I mean I didn’t really think about this …, yeah as friends,” Josh said
“all right then, good night” as autumn walked off
“good night” Josh said

The next day in the office Josh was standing at the photocopy machine and Autumn came in, they both were doing their work so Josh tried to start a convo,
“so it was fun the other nigh….” Josh was saying
But Autumn came close to Josh and kissed him, Josh kissed her back, after a few minutes make-out session Autumn walked off.
On the same day, Josh took her to see his apartment then she went off

Days were passing by when Josh was the happiest man on earth, he found happiness after quite a long time, he has been into relationships before but it was different for him.

But here Josh was an emotional guy, that guy who thinks with his heart, he rarely uses his brain
He always wanted to be an architect but due to his grades, he took admission in the college of arts.

There are only two kinds of people in the world first, there is men and the other is women, Autumn was a woman, height average, weight average, shoe size is slightly above average, so simply autumn was just another girl except she wasn’t to wit in 1998 she quoted a song which was observed by a band that spiked their sales in Texas, Autumn’s employment at baskin’ robin’s raised by 220% by year, every apartment which summer rented was offered 9.2% below market value and her round trip commute to work was average 18.4 increased in a day. It was the rare quality of that autumn effect.
For Josh to find it now in 400,000 offices, 91,000 commercial buildings, and 3.8million people, that could only be explained by one thing “FATE”.

As the days were passing they started spending time with each other, most of the time they went to Ikea, and Josh starts to mimic a married life, they sat on sofas, trying different sinks, beds, etc
One day Autumn told Josh that I don’t want anything serious and Josh acted very cool even though he died from inside when she said that but you know how love works, people only focus on their happiness when they are in love, they were still spending time with each other Josh was really into her he just doesn’t want to end this, it leads to many make-out sessions, few hookups but still, this was very casual for Autumn but not for Josh.
They had fights but they were casual, Josh and Autumn saw many sunrises in each other’s bed.

One day Autumn asked Josh to meet him at a cafe for breakfast Josh was quite happy that day they ordered breakfast for them and Autumn started talking
“Josh we should stop seeing each other” Autumn said
“but why what happened,” Josh asked
“what are we doing, where are we going with all this” Autumn emphasized
“i am happy I don’t care,” Josh said
“No Josh we should stop this from now please,” Autumn said
Josh got up and walked
“wait Josh you are still my best friend” Autumn shouted
life of Josh has been stopped, he missed his heartbeats after listening this
But Josh drifted off.
After few days Josh was feeling depressed because its been so long Josh was with Autumn he connected all his happiness and life with Autumn but Autumn was very cold emotionless, she didn’t even know what she means to Josh, things were going crazy in Josh’s life.
Josh skipped days from his work, no social life nothing, so one day Bruce went to Josh’s apartment and had a convo with him but as soon as he entered Josh’s apartment he listened something…..

*sound of plates breaking*

Josh was not listening to anyone he doesn’t even care if the gate is open or not so Bruce called Hazel, Hazel is the younger sister of Josh, Josh always listened to her sister
“Josh…put down the plate” Hazel ordered
“Hazel what are you doing here” Josh replied while putting the plate on the table
“come sit with us and drink this” Hazel said
“Hazel what are you doing here so late,” Josh asked
“what’s that?” Bruce asked
“Vodka” hazel replied
“what happened Josh what’s the matter,” Hazel asked
“she left me …she left me alone” Josh replied
Hazel and Bruce tried their best to convince him with his past because he had relationships before but this one was very special for Josh as it was the first time when Josh felt that happiness so it went long

Josh left the job and started living in his dark and cozy apartment all alone
Bruce set a date with Alison a friend of Bruce, josh, and they both went for dinner but the whole time Josh was talking about Autumn and Alison got bored of him so they went for drinks but Josh was still talking about her….

Just to get over her Josh decided to attend a wedding of his old friend but it didn’t helped out well.

After getting back Josh decided to separate his mess and get his shit together to start a new life so Josh cleaned up his apartment, cleared his chalkboard, he got himself into fitness, quit drinking for a while, and in a matter of few days he felt a good foam in his life so he decided to apply for the job of an architect which he always wanted to be and he got called for the interview
Before going for the interview he was sitting at his favorite spot at the park where he been much time sometimes alone, sometimes with bruce, and sometimes with autumn he was sitting there and staring at the city line and all of a sudden autumn came from the haze and sat next to him
“Hey Autumn” josh said as he saw a ring in Autumn’s right hand’s ring finger
“so you got married,” Josh asked
“yeah it was quite too fast but yeah I got married,” Autumn said
“you should have told me while we were together that someone was already in your life” Josh emphasized
“yeah but I just don’t want to,” Autumn said
“At first you were somebody’s girlfriend and all of a sudden you are somebody’s wife” Josh smiled
“It surprised me too,” Autumn said
“I don’t think I will ever understand this I mean it doesn’t make sense,” Josh said
“It just happened,” Autumn said
“happened what,” Josh said
“i just woke up one day and I knew that I was never sure with you,” Autumn said
Josh turned his face and sobbed a little and then said
“you know it sucks, realizing you ever believe in something that is bullshit”
“what do you mean” Autumn asked
“destiny and soulmates, true love and all that childhood fairytale, you know you were right I shouldn’t have trusted you”
“it was meant to be Josh,” Autumn said
After a few minutes, Autumn walked away and Josh got up and saw her going

But now Josh was being realistic than being emotional
Most days of the year are unremarkable, they begin and they end they don’t leave any lasting memory, most days have no impact on life may 23rd was a Wednesday

few minutes Josh left for his interview at a firm full of architects
The building itself was a great example of architecture
When Josh reached the office he sat on a sofa in the lobby and a girl was sitting in the aisle side of Josh he passed a smile and she smiled back Josh was busy fantasising about the whole building and
the girl who was sitting broke the silence “are you an interviewee”
“Sorry” Josh replied
“Are you interviewee for the position,”that girl asked again while pointing towards the office
“Oh yeah, are you?”Josh said
“Yeah” girl replied
“Ahan, my competition”Josh exclaimed
“It would appear” girl replied
“Yeah well its awkward”Josh said
“Yeah”the girl replied
“I hope you don’t get the job,”Josh said
“i hope you don’t get the job”girl replied with emphasising on you
Both laughed
“have I seen you before”girl asked
“we..i don’t think so”Josh replied
“do you ever go to the angelic plaza?”
“ Yeah that’s like my favourite spot” Josh replied with enthusiasm
“i think I have seen you there” girl said
“really, I haven’t seen you” Josh said
“you must not be looking”girl said
If Josh has learnt anything then it’s you can’t describe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event coincidence thats all anything ever is nothing more.

A guy came from the office and said Josh “please follow me”

Josh learned that there are no miracles there is no such thing as fate nothing is meant to be he knew he will be sure with now he was damn sure now

“Sorry I just left something can I ….one second”Josh said to the office guy and went back to the lobby

“Hey,” Josh said
“You again” the girl replied with a smile
“Yeah. I was just wondering if after this we could get a coffee or something” Josh offered
“Oh I am sorry I am supposed to meet someone after this” girl replied
“Okay” Josh replied with a faint smile
Josh walked off and after few steps all of a sudden the girl said “sure” Josh came back and said, “what’s that?” She said “sure, why not” “well then I will just…” Josh tried saying something and she said “we will figure it out” Josh repeated “we will figure it out”
“My name is Josh” Josh introduced himself with a handshake
“I am Winter” the girl replied.

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