Sunn Na

Is important to have words ….to say what your heart knows…I believe never.
Still …
Finding words is actually , difficult exactly!
Love is difficult.. Harsh if
words could be found ..
they would have done so amazing…Here is it is a one sided love accepted today !
she said to herself ,
raised that will may or may not cause any hindrance to anybody . have it very tired maybe good times are so good they all seem so good that we can never relate it with reality is too hard to accept the truth and the truth is so bad just knowing the fear of getting you will never get what you want and that’s the truth …
but still somewhere heart denies the fact and one sided look like it was always mine it was always mine the side of looking the side of saying the side of having cup of tea together with having cup of chat together its just what
It is difficult …other side nothing …
and that is difficult still it is sometimes in difficult but it is now very difficult…
What is the truth behind…. your protective, possessive and somewhere…your eyes..saying…
She asked and is again with him in tears….
And will remain.

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